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Chrysler Town And Country Auto Insurance

Traveling in town or out of town can be a true luxury if your vehicle of choice is a Chrysler Town and Country minivan. This incredible vehicle makes running your children back and forth to school and activities a true pleasure for you, the parent, and your children in the back of the minivan. When searching for Town and Country car insurance quotes, the multitude of safety features will boost your ability to receive the best prices and coverage.

The Town and Country LX is the lower end of the four models available by Chrysler. Beginning at $25,999, the LX gets 17 mpg in the city and 24 on the highways. The engine is a 175 horsepower, V6 OHV with 5,000 rpm. The transmission is a four-speed with 205 pound/feet torque with E85 flex fuel capabilities. It comes standard with an electronic stability program, media center 150 with CD/MP3 and four speakers. The second and third road-seats come with stow and go capabilities and the third row is a tail gate seat. The LX comes with antilock brakes, keyless remote entry, side curtain air bags as a few of the safety features that will make your ride safer and keep the loved ones in the back safe as well.

The next two models of the Town and Country are Touring editions, the Touring and the Touring Customer Preferred Package 2DL. The Touring edition is priced beginning at $29,245 with 16 mpg city and 23 mpg highway. The engine is a 3.8 liter V6 OHV with a six-speed transmission. There are additional safety features in this version, such as the steering wheel mounted audio controls, which allow the driver to spend less time looking for audio controls. The Touring Customer Preferred Package 2DL comes with additional audio and video features as well as other extras, and rings in at $33,180. The final model of the Town and Country, the Walter P. Chrysler Signature Series, offers many more bells and whistles that make this package a great opportunity to indulge in while still showcasing a reasonable price tag of $33,365.

Considering who is in your vehicle everyday, it is important that your Chrysler Town and Country auto insurance takes care of these precious passengers in the event of an emergency. So much of your time is spent transporting these loved ones that you may not have time to search for Town and Country car insurance quotes. You can find your Chrysler Town and Country auto insurance policy on The site allows for quote comparison so that you can find the best auto insurance policy.

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