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Chevrolet Silverado Auto Insurance

Chevrolet has been in the business of making trucks since 1930. The original versions of Chevy trucks were classified as C/K, where “C” indicated rear-wheel drive and “K” referred to four-wheel drive. Chevrolet’s most popular truck to date, the Silverado, did not come onto the scene until 1975. Up until that time, the term Silverado simply referred to the level of trim on a vehicle. Silverado was the highest type of trim that could be purchased. Until 1998, both the terms Silverado and Sierra were used to designate trim options only.

In the 1999 market year, the light-duty Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 went on sale. They were virtually identical in form, function, and specifications, and differed only in the interior features offered. For this reason, the Sierra was sold as an “up-market” version of the Silverado. The Silverado is considered to be the “workhorse” truck of the Chevrolet lineup, and the price and abundance of Chevrolet Silverado auto insurance quotes clearly reflects that. In 2003, the Silverado and Sierra designs underwent slight changes, altering the front grill and back bumper, but leaving the rest of the vehicle largely unchanged. Also in 2003, Chevy released its “SS” Silverado, which featured a more powerful engine and specialized trim. In 2006, the “Intimidator” version of SS was released, in honor of the late Dale Earnhardt. This truck featured a lowered ride height and improved suspension. Chevrolet also created a hybrid version of the Silverado in 2005, making it the first hybrid passenger car that Chevrolet produced.

The Silverado and Sierra models 1500, 2500, and 3500 are considered to be light-duty trucks, but also come in heavy-duty versions, noted as “HD” after their number designations. These heavy-duty versions are simply strengthened versions of the light-duty frame. Silverado trucks also offer the Vortec Engine and towing package, which is an industry-leading towing system, and is renowned for its output and rugged reliability. As recently as 2007, the Silverado has won awards for “best truck of the year,” and has 5-star crash ratings from the NHSTA. It also has a 4-star rollover rating. In side impact tests, the Silverado did not fare as well, and so the 2010 version has been in improved with torso airbags, which has increased the overall safety of the truck.

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