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Cadillac DTS Auto Insurance

The Cadillac DTS was introduced to North American buyers in 2006, but Americans got a sneak preview of the car in 2005. A specially modified version of the DTS was used in the second inauguration of President George W Bush, and has since entered the service of current president Barack Obama. The DTS, an acronym for “Deville Touring Sedan,” replaced the Cadillac Deville as the company’s flagship sedan. It was so named to fall in line with a new naming policy and follow other Cadillac models such as the STS and CTS. The DTS sits firmly in the luxury category of the vehicle market, and is the best-selling luxury car in America. As a result, making sure to have the best Cadillac DTS auto insurance available is essential in keeping this luxury vehicle on the road and stunning passers-by.

This car is produced at GM’s Detroit Hamtramck factory, and comes in two versions. The first, the “luxury” version, is priced at just over $40,000, while its companion, the “performance” version, tops out at just over $50,000. Both vehicles feature a V8 engine which outputs 275hp in luxury and 292hp in performance. Standard features in both versions include leather seats, Xenon headlamps, and multiple airbags. The car can be upgraded to include heated seats, a moon roof, or a magnetic ride control system (performance model only). In 2007, a special “platinum” model of the DTS was announced, and featured limited badging, trim, and extra features. Another new version, the DTS-L, boasts better rear leg room and a longer “C” pillar on the back end. Speculation in the auto industry is that Cadillac plans to merge its DTS and STS lines into one single, flagship luxury sedan.

The DTS has won its share of awards. In 2009, it was chosen at the Intellichoice Motorist Choice Awards as the best luxury car, along with the Lincoln Town Car. In 2010, the DTS was recognized as the most dependable large premium car. Large is an excellent word for this vehicle, which comes with a 4.6L engine, a 115 inch wheelbase, and is a substantial 207 inches in length. It is also distinctly Cadillac. A DTS sedan is hard to miss, and even harder to ignore. Cadillac has gone to great lengths to make sure that its sedans both get noticed and perform well.

For that reason, finding great DTS car insurance quotes is a must. This is not a car to be put away and never driven, but rather one to truly enjoy the road. provides owners with the best Cadillac DTS auto insurance choices in the industry, compared side-by-side, so that the most comprehensive choice for your DTS car insurance quotes is easily found.

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