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All About Cadillac Vehicles

Cadillac is a luxury division of the American auto company General Motors. Based in Warren Michigan and founded over a hundred years ago, the luxurious brand has gained a foothold in some of the world’s most important markets. The American consumers have voted the Cadillac the number one luxury car over and over, as have many drivers in the fifty-plus foreign countries where the Cadillac is sold. The vast majority of Cadillac owners choose their vehicles for a spacious and comfortable interior combined with a classy, stylish body.

For a brand that’s lasted a hundred years, there have definitely been hard spots along the way. Shortly after being founded, the company was near financial liquidation as the primary investors threatened to back out and sell the equipment. Instead, the company turned their focus to the single cylinder engine.

The first model manufactured by Cadillac was the original hp Cadillac, released in 1902. Very similar to the Ford Model T model, these single cylinder vehicles were known as the first “horseless carriages.” The following year the original model was featured at the New York auto show, where it was warmly accepted and awarded as the superior automobile compared to its competitors. During the next decade, Cadillac went on to design the A, B, C, E, F, K, M, S, and T models. Some of the highlights during the ongoing hundred year span of production have been innovative accessories such as full electrical systems, the manual transition and steel body. The stylish finish, precise engineering, and the V8 engine invented by Cadillac went on to set the American industry standard in the automobile industry.

One of the most expensive parts of owing a new Cadillac is the Cadillac car insurance. Cadillacs have gained the recognition and caliber of other luxury foreign vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, and Audi in recent years, thus causing insurance rates to increase. By understanding what factors are taken into consideration when determining your rate, you can save significantly on your Cadillac insurance policy. is a useful site for Cadillac owners looking for Cadillac auto insurance or accessories, and provides helpful tips on maintenance. The most significant factors used to determine your rate are your age and sex, your state of health, your driving record, your demographic region, the make and model of your Cadillac, your mileage, and the condition of your vehicle. When contacting companies in order to find Cadillac car insurance coverage, make sure to mention anything that may qualify you for discounts. For a list of different Cadillac auto insurance quotes, just go online and do a simple search to compare prices. The more safety features your Cadillac has, the lower your Cadillac car insurance will be.

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