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BMW Z4 GT3 Auto Insurance

Although BMW began as an aircraft engine manufacturer, it started production of automobiles in 1928, and has had a long and successful record in motorsports. Beginning in 1940, when BMW was victorious in Italy’s Mille Miglia, BMW continues to build and race sports cars, improving on previous designs. In keeping with its reputation for producing superior racing cars, BMW has introduced the Z4 GT3. Officially launched in 2010, the BMW Z4 GT3 boasts 480 horsepower and a 4.0-liter V8 engine. This factory-built race car is designed for racing teams participating in national and international racing championships, as well as 24-hour endurance competitions. This therefore explains the high cost of the Z4 GT3: it has a current estimated price of $427,000.

Since its launch, the feedback has been largely positive, the Z4 GT3 already proving popular among BMW sports car enthusiasts. There are some differences between the production version, which is powered by a 6-cylinder engine, and the racing car, driven by a 4.0-liter V8 engine, which produces an impressive 480 hp. The designer’s first consideration was the fit of the engine to ensure optimum racing capacity; once the engine was put in place, all other components were added afterwards and placed to fit around it.

The Z4 GT3 offers rims with central locking and safety clips, and employs driving assistance programs (including racing ABS and traction control). The BMW plant in Regensburg, Germany supplies the steel body, to which is welded highly firm, accurate steel tubing. The BMW foundry in Landshut, Germany produces the engine base of the V8 engine, and the BMW plant in Dingolfing builds the drive shaft and rear axle differential, as well as other components. The front axle, based on an entirely new design, is equipped with a stabilizer bar and adjustable blades. Plastic reinforced with carbon fiber makes up the roll cage, wings, roof, fender, front and rear spoilers, and other parts of the Z4. This lightweight material has the effect of significantly decreasing the overall load of the BMW Z4 GT3 to around 1,200 kg, therefore making it a sleeker, faster race car.

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