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BMW M3 GTS Auto Insurance

The BMW M3 is a legendary car–among car fans, the M3 is one of the most famous high-performance series of vehicles ever created. The M3 GTS is another great offering in the series, boasting features like a 4.4 liter V8 engine and a weight of about 3,285 pounds, far less than similar cars made by BMW. It’s a racing car, pure and simple, and although the M3 GTS is street legal with a max speed of around 174 MPH (higher without limits, but good luck finding one), it’s equipped with the precision and safety features of a car made for the track. BMW went all out to make this one of their lightest performance cars, and it sports a thin yet distinctively BMW appearance.

Unfortunately for car fans, only 99 M3 GTS cars were manufactured, making them one of the most exclusive and sought-after cars ever created. The car was sold in Europe, and was never available from dealers in the United States. As with many cars in the M3 series, the M3 GTS was one of the most highly anticipated cars of 2009, and sold out completely within two months of hitting the market. This very fact affects several factors surrounding the car itself.

The cost of M3 GTS car insurance quotes can vary due to a number of factors, but in general, BMW M3 GTS auto insurance costs far more than most vehicles due to the high price and exclusivity of the vehicle (every M3 GTS created has been sold, and starting price for the car was $153,000) and the relatively high theft rates for higher-end vehicles in general and BMW M3 vehicles in particular. It’s possible to cut the cost of M3 GTS insurance by installing an anti-theft device, and, of course, by monitoring your driving record and avoiding traffic citations & insurance claims.

If you’re looking for low BMW M3 GTS car insurance quotes, it’s important to compare as many policies as possible. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of buying inadequate coverage, or you’ll end up paying far more for a policy than it’s potentially worth. Calling insurers one at a time can take hours, so head online and take advantage of quick cost comparison tools. offers reliable, simple quotes that can be generated in a matter of seconds, and this makes it much easier to look for inexpensive BMW M3 GTS auto insurance. You can compare multiple policies quickly and decide on deductibles, coverage levels, and other aspects of your policy in a simple and direct way, allowing you to make an educated decision that protects you and your vehicle on the road (and on the track).

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