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Bentley Continental Auto Insurance

One of the finest cars on the road is a Bentley Continental. It is the top car choice for the rich and famous. Its history is just as outstanding as the car itself. Bentley was the brainchild of Walter Owen Bentley. In 1919, he started Bentley Motors in England; creating the first model Bentley two years later. A racing car in those days, Bentley Motors was a racing success at Le Mans. However, the 1929 Wall Street Crash crushed the British car’s sales. Furthermore, it fell in the shadow of another luxury car, the Rolls Royce, for decades. Things improved, however, in the 1980s with increased sales. Conflict from two German automakers erupted over Bentley in 1998: while BMW supplied the car’s engine, Volkswagen bid and acquired Bentley. In 2003, an agreement was reached that gave BMW control.

Like most cars, Bentley Continental has various models. One model is the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. It first appeared to European and North American markets in 2005. It is noticeable by its grille, a metal-covered plastic that breaks upon collision. The Continental GTC is another model, a convertible version of the Continental GT. It has been in world markets since 2006. Bentley’s latest creation is the Continental Supersports. It too, has a convertible version. Bentley Supersports has been available worldwide since 2009; however, North Americans must wait until the summer of 2010 to get one. This is Bentley’s fastest vehicle ever. And better, it can run on both gasoline and bio-fuel.

As one can expect, a Bentley Continental is not cheap: it can cost as much as $280,400. Luckily, at this cost, Bentley owners can customize their vehicles’ interior fabrics and colors. This price also includes a muscular engine. Sporty models, for example, have a 12-cylinder engine that generates 550 or higher horsepower. A drawback is its low gas mileage: 10 MPG for the city and 17 MPG for the highway. Despite this, Bentley Continental earns awards. The Luxury Briefing Award awarded the automaker in 2003 for its innovation on the Bentley Continental GT. This is just one among many awards given to Bentley Motors.

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