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Green Bay Car Insurance

Green Bay is the 3rd largest city in the state of Wisconsin, according to the city’s own website. Known far and wide as the home of the Green Bay packers NFL team, Green Bay has more than just sports to offer. With a population of just over 100,000 according to, Green Bay has all of the amenities of a big city, but with a small city charm. Green Bay is located in the Northeastern part of Wisconsin state, at the mouth of Fox river, just before it empties into Green Bay. Green Bay is famous for its festivals as well as its four “traditional seasons” since, because of its location, it actually undergoes four distinct changes of season each year, rather than an extremely long winter and short summer, or a perpetual summer haze.

Although generally temperate, Green Bay does have its share of poor weather owing to its location at the edge of a body of water and its northern latitude. In December of 2009, Green Bay experienced what is now described as the “storm of the decade,” in which they received 14.6 inches of snow in one day, in addition to dealing with 40 mile an hour winds. The Governor of Wisconsin declared a state of emergency and closed all public offices except for those staffed by emergency personnel.

In summer, Green Bay typically experiences median temperatures of 70 degrees, owing to warm southwestern breezes. In winter, the temperature plummets to an average of 15 degrees. This makes the city ideal for outdoor enthusiasts of all types – rollerblading in the summer can quickly become skiing in the winter. It also means that motorists of Green Bay need to be prepared with comprehensive and effective car insurance, as the weather can change without warning, and lead to such things as the storm seen in 2009. Having the right Green Bay car insurance can make all of the difference.

Fortunately, finding great Green Bay auto insurance quotes is just a click and a zip code away. Simply log onto our website, punch in your zip code, and we can quickly get back to you with multiple Green Bay car insurance quotes, one of which will almost certainly fit your needs. We’re a leading national auto insurance provider, and we’ve got the reputation and ability to provide you with the best value and coverage you’ll find in the state of Wisconsin. This will help you rest easier when you hear that the “storm of the new century” is heading Green Bay’s way, or that the Packers have not only made, but are hosting the Super Bowl, bringing with them an influx of tourists.

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