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Tacoma Car Insurance

Looking for Tacoma car insurance quotes? Simply enter your Tacoma area zip code in the space provided and hit return. Your Tacoma auto insurance quotes will be ready in a few moments. Whether you’re new to the area or just new to the road, you’ll find that driving in and around the Tacoma area offers a number of benefits. A city of nearly 200,000 residents, Tacoma is located in Pierce County between magnificent Mount Rainier to the southwest and majestic Commencement Bay to the north. Once a major logging and shipping center, its roads are set in a classic-and easy to navigate-straight grid of numbered and named streets and avenues that span the length and width of the city. Side-by-side suspension bridges across Puget Sound connect Tacoma to the Kitsap Peninsula and cities that include Gig Harbor and Bremerton. Interstate Highway 5 (I-5) winds through the heart of Tacoma, providing commuter routes north to Seattle and south to the state capital of Olympia. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is located just six miles north of Tacoma.

While shopping for Tacoma car insurance, bear in mind that Washington State law requires that you carry a minimum of 25/50/10 insurance coverage. That’s $25,000 for injury to another person; $50,000 for injury to all other persons; and $10,000 for damage to another’s property. If you plan any out-of-state driving, make sure your policy automatically expands to cover higher minimum coverage in another state. Washington State also requires that you show proof of car insurance before obtaining a driver’s license. If you are stopped for a traffic violation, the officer will ask to see your driver’s license and insurance card. Washington State Patrol adamantly enforces seat belt and DUI laws for your safety.

Insurance rates are driven by statistics. If you plan to commute via I-5, you may be relieved to hear that far fewer traffic fatalities in Washington State happen on the Interstate than on state or US highways, country roads, or city streets. According to the Washington State Traffic Commission (WSTC) over 70% of the fatalities are male and accidents times are evenly split, with approximately half occurring during the daytime and half taking place at night. Although WSTC incident maps show a concentration of accidents along the I-5 corridor, they report that the majority of fatal accidents in Washington State happen in rural areas. Good news for Pierce County and adjacent Thurston County residents, WSTC statistics show a decrease of more than 20% in highway fatalities in those counties over the last decade.

Tacoma is a wonderful place to live and work and Washington State offers beautiful cities, mountains, waterways, and natural wonders for you to explore. So, drive safely!

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