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Seattle Car Insurance

Seattle, Washington is perhaps one of the most beautiful places to live in the United States. The first permanent settlers in the area arrived in 1851 and as of 2009, have an estimated 602,000 people and growing. It has the distinction of mountain range views, water expanses and lush evergreen forests. Several famous musicians were born in the area and are the home base of companies such as Starbucks. Seattle had several boom periods throughout its extensive history. The first boom was the lumber industry because of the abundance of trees. After this boom era followed the Gold Rush and shipbuilding.

One of the unique things about Seattle is its weather and climate. On the average, it has about 58 sunny, clear days out of the year and the rest of the year, it is rainy or snowy. It is also a major earthquake zone. When you consider all these factors, getting Seattle car insurance may be a little different from most places. Climate plays a very large part in getting Seattle car insurance quotes. This is because the risk for accidents are slightly higher than most places and because of this, the premiums may be a bit higher than most.

Other factors involved are your driving record, age, type of car and the age and records of those you allow to drive your car. Keeping a clean driving record is essential to keeping your Seattle auto insurance quotes to a minimum. Excessive tickets and accidents will raise premiums and could incur a large down payment. If you have to do this at first, you can lower your premiums in most cases, with a good driving record for 6 months to a year. The longer you drive with no accidents or tickets, the lower your rates can become. However, if you choose to allow others to drive your car and their driving records are poor and they get involved in an accident, it can affect your rates; this is especially true if they were not personally insured before they got behind the wheel of your car. Allowing teenagers to drive will also raise your premiums because of their lack of experience driving. If possible, using public transportation will help lower your rates because your car will not be out on the road as much.

Always ask questions regarding coverage. You need to be fully aware of all aspects of coverage before you can make an informed decision in choosing the best possible rates. We can help you understand fully what coverage you need and can help you to find the best rate for your area. Simply enter your zip code now to begin.

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