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Norfolk Car Insurance

Though located just north of the Great Dismal Swamp national wildlife refuge Norfolk, VA is anything but dismal. With easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and the nation’s capital, Norfolk has seen a steady rise in both population and popularity over the last quarter-century. Now boasting over 200,000 people according to, Norfolk is the second-largest city in the state. It is also within a stone’s throw of both the third and eighth largest cities in the state, Chesapeake and Richmond. Norfolk also sits at the confluence of several major roadways, and is often used as a thoroughfare for destinations such as Virginia Beach and Washington, D.C. What this means for residents and commuters in Norfolk is that there are a lot of ways for their car to be damaged, and a great many potential accidents on the road. Having Norfolk car insurance through a reliable and solvent broker is a must in this city.

Norfolk’s history actually traces back to 9500 BC, according to the city’s official website. Remains have been dated back to that time indicating that there were settlers in this region of Virginia. Chances are, the commute was far more reasonable back then. The original settlement on this site was inhabited by the Skicoak band, and their village bore the same name. They were wiped out by a neighboring tribe before the first European settlers, the Spanish, arrived in 1560. In the early 1600’s the English settled the area, and divided much of the land into counties. In 1680, these counties all purchased 50 acres of land to be used for towns and storehouses. This was the beginning of modern Norfolk.

Norfolk has always owed a great deal of its prosperity to its access to water. In the First World War, the city led the nation in navy recruiting, as a proportion of their population. During the Second World War, the Nansemond Hotel in the city was the headquarters for the Amphibious Training Command of the Atlantic fleet, and 1994, the 52 million dollar National Marine Center, Nauticus, opened in the city.

The city of Norfolk may owe its growth to the sea, but a great deal of vehicular traffic now travels its roads as well. With commuters, tourists, and the general population all struggling to get where they’re going as quickly as possible, Norfolk can be a dangerous place to drive. Getting reliable and cost-effective Norfolk car insurance quotes is a must. Fortunately, we’re a trusted state-wide insurance company that can help Norfolk residents get what they need. Stop by our website, let us know your zip code, and we’ll make sure you get the lowest-priced and most-effective Norfolk auto insurance quotes available.

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