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Eugene Car Insurance

Eugene, Oregon is a city on the rise. With an 8% population increase since 2000, according to, and a population now over 150,000 residents, the city is showing no signs of slowing down. An older population – 33 is the median age of citizens – and housing prices a full $10,000 lower than in the rest of the state, makes Eugene a popular destination. Adding to its list of attractive qualities is easy access to both the Pacific coast and Deschutes National Forest. Located on Interstate 5, Eugene is a town that will continue to gain ground as the years go by. Residents of the town would do well to make sure that their Eugene car insurance is up-to-date and ready as the steady influx of new residents continues.

Enjoying a temperate climate and a city council dedicated to the arts, Eugene has a busy cultural scene and has many interesting attractions to draw in tourists. One of note is the Saturday Market, which boasts a history extending back over 40 years. The re-imagining of an old Market which had vanished, the Saturday Market was initially met with opposition from the downtown business association, and faced a lack of interest, according to the Eugene Saturday Market website. Through determination and grit, however, the Market hung on and grew, eventually moving to a new site and helping the city get a new Farmer’s Market off of the ground. The Market runs from April until December, and is a staple of the town.

The city of Eugene itself was originally known as Eugene City. Its first building was a log cabin built by Eugene Franklin Skinner in 1848. By 1850, the cabin was officially converted to a post office. In 1852 the original city plan was laid out, but due to its location on a flood plain, it became known as “Skinner’s Mud Hole” and the site was relocated in 1853 to higher ground. By 1858, the city had 500 residents and a thriving industry-based economy. In 1862, the city was incorporated, and in 1864 the name was changed from Eugene City to simply Eugene. By the beginning of the next decade, Eugene had telegraph services, a road system, and railroad connections.

Eugene is now a bustling metropolis that shows no signs of slowing down, and neither do its drivers. Making sure to get the best Eugene car insurance quotes is a must, as there are myriad types of coverage available, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Let us help you find the right one. Visit our website, let us know your postal code, and we can get you the best Eugene auto insurance quotes for your unique situation.

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