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Tulsa Car Insurance

Tulsa, OK has a population pushing just over 380,000, according to, making it the second-largest city in the state. The median age of the populace in the city of Tulsa is 34 years, which means a town full of people at or above the driving age. Located on Interstate 44 and at junctions with several other major highways, Tulsa is the northeastern gateway of Oklahoma, with many drivers both commuting within in it and passing through into southern Kansas. What all of this means is that having the best Tulsa car insurance money can buy is a must if you want to keep you car safe and sound on Tulsa’s busy streets.

The first permanent building established in what would become Tulsa was a log cabin trading post built by Lewis Perryman in 1846. It occupied the space at 33rd street and South Rockford Avenue. This gave the area some minor business interest, but most of the settlers who came to make their fortunes were driven out by the civil war. Reconstruction efforts after the war led to bigger and better things for “Tulsey’s Town,” as it had come to be known. In 1879, a post office was opened, and a railroad line quickly followed. It was at this point in history that the city’s name was changed to simply “Tulsa.”

There were only 200 people in the burgeoning city in 1882, but by 1898, the city’s inception year, there were over 1,000 residents. The discovery of several nearby oil wells also promoted the city’s growth, as well as the formation of the Tulsa Commercial Club, which had as its goal to promote the city. By 1970, the city had rail lines, roadways, and access to sea via the Port of Catoosa. This made Tulsa an extremely attractive city for commercial ventures. As a result, numerous companies have chosen Tulsa as their headquarters, including Whirlpool, State Farm, and CITGO.

Tulsa is an urban city, but according to the city’s official website, they are also interested in “going green”. The city has a curbside recycling program, and also a green waste site, where citizens can drop off yard waste and get free firewood. As a city definitely on the grow, Tulsa has a lot of cars on the road and making sure to get the best Tulsa auto insurance quotes is a must for any driver who wants to stay safe and sound. Let us help. Just log on to our website and we can provide you with the most accurate Tulsa car insurance quotes around. With just your zip code, we can tailor our quotes right to your area, and keep you secure on the busy and green streets of Tulsa.

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