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Located on the southwestern edge of Lake Erie, the city of Toledo, Ohio, had its share of growing pains. According to, Toledo is located in an area known as the “Great Black Swamp”. Settling of this area took longer than in other parts of the state, owing to ongoing conflicts with the Native American population. Once this area did become designated for settlement, two towns sprung up – Lawrence and Vistula. When it was announced that there would be a termination point of the Erie Canal near their location, they merged into the town of Toledo. The city itself was incorporated in 1836, and had over 1,000 people in it by 1840.

Despite the business which was brought to the city by the Erie Canal, Toledo still struggled until it was made the destination of several rail lines. From there, numerous manufacturing industries sprang up, one of note being the Libbey Glass Works, which earned Toledo the nickname “city of glass”. During the great depression, the city suffered as manufacturing declined, but picked up again during the Second World War. Toledo was especially famous for the manufacture of Jeeps during this period, under the direction of the Willys-Overland company.

Toledo was also the site of some of the first city reforms in the nation. In 1897 Samuel “Golden Rule” Jones was elected to the office of mayor, a post he was re-elected to for three additional terms. Not popular with business or industry, Jones was dedicated to improving the lot of the working class by mandating maximum hours worked and building free parks and kindergartens. Currently, the city of Toledo has a population of just under 300,000, according to It lies at the intersection of three Interstate highways and sees a great deal of traffic going to and coming from Detroit. Toledo has a northern climate, but in the summers residents can enjoy boating and water skiing on nearby Lake Erie. Detroit and the Canadian border are also not far away.

With a growing population and a great deal of incoming traffic, citizens of Toledo would do well to make sure that their car insurance is up to date and covers as much as it should. Often, consumers are not entirely aware of what their Toledo car insurance policy does and does not cover. In order to make sure you’re fully covered in case of an accident, let us, a trusted national provider, supply you with a selection of Toledo car insurance quotes. Simply visit us at our website, and have your zip code handy. With that, we can send you the most cost-effective Toledo auto insurance quotes and you can make sure you’ve got the coverage you need.

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