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Syracuse Car Insurance

Syracuse, New York in Onondaga County is one of four metropolitan areas stretching across north central New York State from Albany to Rochester and Buffalo. Geographically located south of Lake Ontario and northeast of the Finger Lakes region, Syracuse was founded in 1780 and the community went through several name changes before adopting the name Syracuse in the early 19th Century. The mining of salt was an early enterprise associated with Syracuse. Later the city served as an important way station along the Erie Canal, and a rail terminus. Syracuse University, a distinguished center for higher learning opened in 1870.

Today Syracuse is a vital city of 140,000 people supporting an industrial mix of light manufacturing, transportation, and distribution centers. In addition to the University and several smaller colleges, Syracuse is the site of the Upstate Medical Center, a large teaching hospital and training facility. Located at the intersection of two interstates, Syracuse is strategically located for trade with Ontario via Ottawa, a three-hour drive to the north. The Syracuse Symphony, an opera company, the Everson Museum, and a world famous jazz festival provide a variety of cultural activities. Syracuse is also the home to a world class zoological park. Like much of Upstate New York Syracuse enjoys a temperate climate, however its geographical proximity to Lake Ontario places the city in a snow belt with higher than average snowfall amounts in winter. Several ski resorts are within a short drive of the city.

Drivers in New York are required to purchase an automobile liability insurance policy from an insurer recognized and licensed by the New York State Insurance Department. Proof of insurance must be carried in a vehicle, and provided to authorities upon request. A variety of forms of optional coverage are available for Syracuse car insurance including: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, additional no fault benefits, uninsured motorist coverage, collision coverage, or comprehensive policy.

A 2009 National Auto Insurance Study by J. D. Powers and Associates found that most American motorists were satisfied with their insurance carriers during the current economic downturn. Insurance premiums in markets like Syracuse have declined in response to the struggling economy, as illustrated by Syracuse car insurance quotes. Wise consumers, however, may see even greater savings by seeking multiple Syracuse auto insurance quotes rather than merely visiting a local agent or insurance broker. Moreover, in a city like Syracuse with sometimes difficult winter driving conditions most consumers will want coverage beyond legal minimums, including a collision package covering damage to the vehicle in the event that icy streets occasionally result in minor accidents.

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