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Buffalo Car Insurance

The village of Buffalo came into existence in 1804, according to It was commissioned originally by the Holland Land Company, and did not see much rise in population until 1812, when the town was razed by the British. They appropriated the land as a “military resort” and took many of the inhabitants hostage and brought them back to Montréal. In 1821, Erie County was created and Buffalo was chosen as the county seat. Even this did little to spur population growth, however, as Buffalo was remote and there was very little in the way of transportation to or from the village.

This all began to change as the Erie Canal, begun 1819, started to creep westward toward Buffalo. An eventual westward endpoint for the canal had not yet been chosen, but the two front runners were the villages of Black Rock and Buffalo. Unfortunately, although Buffalo was at a higher elevation, a continually re-forming sand bar at the head of Buffalo Creek made it impossible for vessels to stop there. With a $12,000 loan, the citizens of the village moved the mouth of the creek, creating Buffalo Harbour. The canal was awarded to Buffalo, and the population began to increase. In 1932, the governor Enos T. Throop approved the charter of the city of Buffalo.

Buffalo currently has a population of 270,000, but has seen a decline of over 7% in the last decade. Buffalo is home to the largest University in New York State, the University of Buffalo. This institution was founded in 1846 and has a student body of almost 30,000. It contributes 1.7 billion dollars to the local economy each year, and has generated 70 patents in the last eight years, according to its website. Buffalo has easy access to several of the Great Lakes, the closest one being Lake Erie. Buffalo is also quite near Niagara Falls, making it a popular tourist destination.

With a large urban population and northern latitude, Buffalo sees a great deal of cars on its roads, especially in winter. Located along Interstate 90 and only an hour from the Canadian border, Buffalo has many visitors from our northern neighbor. This can put Buffalo motorist at a higher-than-average risk for collisions, and having good Buffalo car insurance is a must anywhere in the city and surrounding areas. With years of experience, we can help you find the best Buffalo car insurance quotes for you. Visit us on the web, let us know your zip code, and we can supply you with a variety of Buffalo auto insurance quotes to make sure you stay safe whether you’re headed to the lake or up to Niagara Falls for the weekend.

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