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Jersey City Car Insurance

The revitalized Jersey City is one of the most cities on the east coast. It boasts a growing art scene, the world’s largest IMAX Dome theater, and a large financial district. Jersey City has a total population of about 242,000 people according to the latest United States census. Unfortunately, drivers in the town often encounter high insurance rates, and car insurance continues to be a major cost for residents. There are a number of ways to find lower Jersey City auto insurance quotes, and it’s often well worth a driver’s time to investigate some of these methods.

First, though, it’s important to understand exactly how New Jersey insurance law functions. New Jersey is one of the few states to offer an opt-in no fault insurance system. This system allows drivers to choose whether their policies are based on a traditional tort system or a no fault system; no fault insurance can be less expensive, as it drastically cuts costs for Jersey City car insurance companies, but drivers forfeit their rights to sue other drivers when involved in a minor accident. Drivers should carefully consider the benefits and disadvantages of such systems before opting in. New Jersey requires all drivers to hold 15/30/5 insurance, which means a minimum of $15,000 in bodily injury liability per person for up to $30,000 in each accident and $5,000 in property damage liability.

Car insurance companies base their quotes on crime and accident claim statistics, and if Jersey City drivers take steps to decrease the chances of a claim, they can often receive a discount on Jersey City car insurance quotes. For instance, installing a car alarm can often decrease insurance premiums. This is also true for drivers who elect to take defensive driving courses, which can greatly decrease premiums, particularly for drivers who have been involved in accidents or have several citations on their records. However, not all insurance companies offer the same discounts, so it’s important to call your insurance agent and discuss potential ways to lower your rates.

The best way to find cheap rates on auto insurance in Jersey City is to collect auto insurance quotes and compare them directly. This is the best way to build perspective on your current policy (if you’re currently insured); and it can give you some great negotiation tools if you’re trying to get a lower premium in your current policy. We offer a free tool that allows drivers in the Jersey City area to get multiple quotes simultaneously, and it only requires a driver’s zip code. This simple step can make a major difference for drivers who are looking to decrease the cost of their policies.

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