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Lincoln Car Insurance

With an estimated population of about 250,000 according to the United States census, Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska and second in size only to Omaha. Many of its residents drive, and although Lincoln car insurance quotes are fairly typical compared to other mid-sized cities (and fairly low compared to the national average); there are always ways for drivers to lower their premiums and improve their policies.

It’s very helpful to understand some of the factors that affect insurance costs in Lincoln, starting with the minimum required coverage amounts in Nebraska. The insurance commission of the state requires drivers to carry at least $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person involved in an accident, with a total minimum of $50,000 per incident, as well as $25,000 in property damage liability. Most Lincoln drivers will also want to purchase comprehensive coverage, which protects the driver’s vehicle, as well as personal injury coverage. One of the simplest ways to decrease insurance premiums is to lower coverage levels, but this usually isn’t advisable, as the minimums in Nebraska are fairly low compared to the potential costs of even a single accident.

Many drivers in Lincoln may be eligible for special insurance discounts, and taking advantage of these discounts is a key part of finding a cheaper policy. For instance, some insurance companies cut the costs of comprehensive coverage if a driver parks in a closed, locked garage at night. This protects the vehicle from the weather and auto-theft. Other discounts are available for drivers that take defensive driving courses, and even for drivers that outfit their vehicles for harsh winter weather. Lincoln residents that are considering new vehicles should research vehicle safety ratings, which have a direct impact on the cost of insurance. It’s also often helpful to talk to your current Lincoln car insurance agent, as they might have additional tips to keep costs down without sacrificing any of your coverage.

Drivers should gather as many Lincoln car insurance quotes as possible, whether they’re looking for new car insurance policies or simply trying to get lower rates on an existing policy. The more quotes a driver has, the better his or her chances of finding a decent rate, and the Internet has made the process of getting Lincoln auto insurance quotes much easier. We offer a tool for drivers in Lincoln that allows several quotes to be generated easily, and it only requires a driver’s zip code. It’s a great way to make an intelligent, informed comparison, and every driver in the Lincoln area should consider using it to lower the cost of car insurance. Enter your zip code now and let us help you find the best deal at the best price.

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