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Missouri Car Insurance

Because of its central location and the major interstates that course through it, Missouri is one of the most traveled states in the country. When you factor in the traffic congestion you’re bound to face in St. Louis and Kansas City, having quality insurance coverage is an absolute necessity for Missourians.’s mission is finding low-cost car insurance quotes for our customers online; allowing them to choose an insurance policy that meets their needs and their budget from reputable companies such as Allstate, Progressive and

Missouri Car Insurance Requirements

Operating a motor vehicle is a major responsibility, and in the event that a motorist is involved in a car accident, the state of Missouri wants its motorists to be able to cover any expenses the other driver may incur when they are at fault in an accident. For this reason, Missouri requires that all motorists maintain a minimum liability policy of at least 25/50/10 to cover bodily injury and property damage expenses in the unfortunate event of an accident.

•    Bodily Injury Liability- This type of coverage pays the medical expenses of the other driver and their passengers when the insured person is found to be at fault in an accident. Under the minimum coverage, the insurance company will pay a maximum of $25,000 for a single person and a maximum of $50,000 for multiple persons involved in the accident.
•    Property damage Liability- In order to cover repairs to damage that may occur to the other person’s vehicle, public property and private property, a minimum of $10,000 of property damage liability coverage must be maintained by every resident.

It is highly recommended that all Missouri motorists purchase an insurance policy with liability coverage that is greater than the minimum requirement because the rising costs of repairs and medical treatment makes it very easy for the costs to surpass the minimum coverage, leaving the insured person pay for the excess expense out-of-pocket.

Even though Missouri requires that all its motorists carry the minimum coverage for their vehicles, many states do not meet the same standard. Therefore, along with the minimum liability coverage, all Missouri residents are also required to have Uninsured Motorist protection for their vehicles. UM protection covers damages to a person’s vehicle when the person’s vehicle is damaged in a hit and run or the at-fault party doesn’t have sufficient coverage.

Even though the average cost of car insurance premiums raised $35 from $1558 to $1593 between the years 2006 and 2007, it still remains well below the national average of$1896. Though not every Missouri resident will pay the average insurance premiums as insurance costs depend on a number of factors including vehicle type, credit history and driving records, can help every one of our customers pay the lowest possible price for their insurance premiums when they use our service. By entering their Zip code and then answering some general driving history questions, our customers will be given multiple quotes from our partner companies that will allow them to choose the car insurance policy that will fit their needs and not break the bank.

Whether you are looking for low cost Missouri car insurance for a new or used vehicle you are thinking about purchasing or you want a better rate for the vehicle you already own, allow to do your research for you.

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