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Jackson Car Insurance

In addition to being the largest city in the state and the state’s capital, Jackson, MS is also known as the “city with soul”, according to its official tourism website. It lies at the meeting point of Interstates 55 and 20, just north of the city of New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. The city is now home to over 175,000 residents, according to, and has one of the cheaper housing markets in the state, with the median price of a home coming in at $93,700 – less than the state average.

With a large tourism industry based on blues music, soul food and museum sites, Jackson sees a great deal of both air and vehicular traffic. Residents of Jackson can easily find themselves in a collision with a would-be blues player who has never driven their streets before. With a temperate climate and beautiful landscape, tourism and traffic never really dies down in Jackson. For residents of the town, having a Jackson car insurance policy that pays out when they need it is a paramount purchase.

Originally founded in 1821, the city is located at the site of an old French-Canadian trading post on the western edge of the Pearl River, or so says the city’s official history page. The government of the state of Mississippi decided to move the capital of the state out of the Natchez area and in to a more central location, and this area fit the bill perfectly. The new town was named after Major General Andrew Jackson. The city suffered during the Civil War, and everything in its borders was burnt to the ground three separate times, with the exception of city hall. The city hall itself only cost $8000 to build, but was spared the torch by Union general William Tecumseh, possibly because it was a Masonic lodge and he was also a Mason, or because it was being used as a hospital. After multiple burnings, Jackson’s population was slow to climb, but as the century turned, so did Jackson’s fortunes, quickly becoming one of the most populous cities in the Sunbelt. Today, Jackson is a center for the arts, hosting the USA International Ballet Competition.

Finding reasonable Jackson auto insurance quotes to keep your vehicle safe in the city with soul can be difficult, since many online providers are not well versed in the area’s history or nature. Fortunately, as a nation-wide insurance company with decades of experience in the field, we’re able to offer the best Jackson car insurance quotes to our customers. Visit us at our website, and with just the five digits of your postal code, we can get you the best insurance for your money.

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