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St. Paul Car Insurance

St. Paul is the second biggest town in Minnesota, with a population of nearly 288,000 people according to the United States census. The Twin Cities together have a metropolitan population of almost 3.5 million, and trade combined with a burgeoning IT industry make up a major part of residents’ income. Many of those residents are also drivers, and any driver looking to decrease the cost of car ownership in St. Paul should take a few minutes to understand the way that insurance companies decide car insurance premiums.

The average cost of car insurance in Minnesota is slightly above the national average, in part due to the state’s relatively high minimum car insurance requirements. Minnesota law requires $30,000 per person in bodily injury liability for up to $60,000 per accident, $10,000 in property damage liability, $25,000 per person in uninsured motorist bodily injury liability for up to $50,000 per accident, and $40,000 in personal injury coverage. Most states don’t have minimum levels quite this high, which drives up the average. However, there are several car insurance factors working in St. Paul residents favor. Crime rates are exceptionally low in the Twin Cities, and as auto theft is a major cost for car insurance companies, rates can be preferential for St. Paul car insurance in comparison to other major cities. Many drivers can still benefit from additional insurance discounts after installing anti-theft devices, however.

As one might expect, St. Paul car insurance quotes are on par with Minneapolis car insurance quotes, as the Twin Cities have similar driving environments. Many of the potential discounts offered by insurers will also apply to Minneapolis residents. However, there are definite differences between Minneapolis and St. Paul auto insurance quotes; accident statistics and crime rates vary from zip code to zip code. It’s therefore important when gathering car insurance quotes to use quotes for the correct zip code, or you’re likely to end up with inaccurate information.

We offer a free zip-code based quote finder which can help St. Paul residents find quotes from major insurance companies in their area. There are quite a few benefits to finding as many quotes as possible. For one, the more quotes are considered, the better the chance of finding a decent price on the coverage that you need. Multiple quotes can also be very helpful when negotiating with your current insurer. All drivers should look at a variety of quotes every few months during their policies, and our online quote lookup tool can make a big difference for drivers trying to keep their premiums at a reasonable level. Enter your zip code and we can help you find coverage that suits your needs as a St. Paul resident.

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