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Minneapolis literally means “city of waters”, according the history of Minneapolis website. Originally, the site where Minneapolis now stands was chosen by state commissioners as the county seat, despite the fact that at the time there was no settlement there and no name for a prospective settlement. The name Minneapolis was put forth by the Superintendent of Schools, Charles Hoag, in 1852, after several other unpopular names, such as Albion and Winona, were vetoed. Hoag’s original spelling of the word was Minnehapolis, which came from the melding of two words – Minnehaha after the river of the same name nearby, which meant “laughing waters”, and “polis”, which is Greek for city. The name proved popular, although the “h” was almost immediately dropped from the spelling.

Minneapolis quickly grew to encompass the nearby settlement of St. Anthony, but population growth was slow until the end of the 1800’s, when there was a large influx of new immigrants and the children of immigrants who moved west seeking their fortune. By 1890, 37% of the population of Minneapolis was foreign-born, giving it the highest immigrant population of any city in the United States at that time. Today, the total population of the city is well over 370,000.

This city is also part of what is known as the “twin cities” of Minnesota, which are St. Paul and Minneapolis. They are separated by the Mississippi river, and together have a combined metropolitan population of over 2.3 million people. According to the online publication “The Daily Beast”, Minneapolis is the 4th smartest city in America, based on its education and intellectual environment. As well, according to “Outside” magazine, the city was ranked as the 8th best place in the nation to live, when looking at the 100 most populated cities. This is owing to its education system, affordability and year-round recreation opportunities. The city has an extensive park system built around its multiple lakes as well as Minnehaha creek. This has earned the city the nickname “city of lakes”.

With a large urban population and only a stone’s throw away from another major city, traffic in Minneapolis is substantial. Minneapolis car insurance is an essential purchase for any Twin City resident. It can be difficult, however, to find reasonable Minneapolis auto insurance quotes, especially ones that can be viewed as reliable. We have a track record for being both dependable and service-oriented, and now provide a free quote service on our website. Simply stop on by, tell us your general area by inputting your postal code, and we’ll round up the best Minneapolis car insurance quotes for you. Then, you can simply sit back and pick the one that best suits your needs.

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