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Lowell Car Insurance

Lowell is a diverse and proletarian city located along the rapids of the Merrimack River, approximately 30 miles northwest of Boston, in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. As of a 2000 census, Lowell, the fifth largest city in “The Bay State,” had a total population of 106,000 and the median age of its inhabitants was 31. Nicknamed the “Mill City,” Lowell was founded in 1820 and currently the highest percentage of Cambodians in the United States resides there. Lowell, which has five zip codes and a total area of 14.5 square miles, is comprised of eight distinct neighborhoods: the Acre (01854); Back Central (01852); Belividere (01852); Centralville (01850); Downtown (01851); Highlands (01851); Pawtucketville (01854); and South Lowell (01852). Additionally, Lowell has a zip code strictly designated for PO-boxes (01853).

In a city as densely populated as Lowell, car insurance quotes are of tremendous value. “Mill City,” which is surrounded by various forms of mass transportation, is accessible by automobile via Interstate 495, US Route 3, the Lowell Connector, and Massachusetts Routes 3A, 38, 110, 113 and 133. It has been reported that Lowell residents average 24.3 minutes commuting to work. Unfortunately, due to a slew of factors including the large numbers of vehicles traveling on its roads, Lowell was the site of three fatal car crashes in 2007 alone. Somewhat surprisingly, the majority of the vehicles involved in those deadly crashes traveled at pedestrian speeds of 30 MPH. Such a statistic indicates that operators of motor vehicles need to practice the same habits driving on local roads as they do on major highways.

Unfortunately, beyond accidents on the road, owners of vehicles in Lowell also need to be cautious about where they park their cars. In 2007, an alarming 482 auto thefts were reported to have occurred in the city of Lowell and its surrounding areas. Considering that figure, it is apparent that Lowell motorists should take proper precautions with their vehicles before immediately vacating them. In order to ensure maximum protection and combat theft, motorists are urged to be mindful of where they park their vehicles and car owners are advised to utilize quality anti-theft devices.

Lowell is home to an overabundance of car and auto insurance companies. It is imperative that prospective car and auto insurance consumers diligently research their options before ultimately deciding what company to use. Auto and car insurance quotes vary from business to business and shoppers can drastically reduce their expenses by conducting a thorough and comprehensive exploration of their available choices. Simply by entering your zip code, you can compare multiple insurance quotes and save money by selecting the optimum, and most cost-effective, car insurance coverage offered in Lowell today.

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