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Wichita Car Insurance

The state of Kansas requires that all drivers should have car insurance. Having Wichita car insurance should not be a burden to Wichita citizens because the state of Kansas happens to have the lowest auto insurance rates in the whole of America. It ranked forty-fifth among the states ranging from the highest to lowest rates. At present, the average Kansas auto insurance premium costs about $750.

If you are caught without car insurance, you are in violation of the state law and therefore subject to the penalties set by law. The offense will be categorized as Class B Misdemeanor, which means that you can be charged a fine not lower than $300 and not higher than $1000, and you can be jailed for six months on your first offense. However, if you are caught the second time the penalties will be harsher with the offense categorized as Class A Misdemeanor with the fine going up to between $800 and $2500.

Since Kansas is a no-fault state, you’ll find out upon looking at various Wichita car insurance quotes that the state requires more insurance coverage than the others. You need to be covered with a liability insurance that requires 25/50/10 coverage. Your policy should also include protection for injuries and property damage. All this coverage will shoulder damage and injuries done to the driver; the state also mandates that you should be covered with an uninsured/underinsured policy. For this coverage, the minimum coverage would be $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. There is no need for you to shell out any money with this coverage if ever you get involved in a collision with another who lacks sufficient coverage; and lastly, you are required to obtain Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. This consists $4,500 per person for medical bill, $2,000 for funeral costs and up to $900 per month for loss of income because of the accident. To be fully covered, you might want to consider comprehensive and collision insurance coverage. Comprehensive insurance will protect you from such elements as floods, storm, hail, vandalism, theft, etc., and if you don’t have the coverage you will have to pay for the damages yourself. Collision coverage on the other hand will pay for the damages to your car even if you are at fault, less your deductible.

When choosing a car insurance policy, you must study each insurance company’s features, regulations and rates. Look at as many Wichita auto insurance quotes as possible, and consent only to the company that would give you the best deal. You can enter your zip now code to find the best Wichita car insurance for your specific needs.

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