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Springfield, IL Car Insurance

Springfield, IL is a thriving town of just over 115,000 and has a lower cost of living as compared to the national average, according to It has a temperate climate and plenty of sunshine, almost perfectly matching the national average in both categories. But what Springfield is best known for and what drives most of its popularity is the fact that it was the home of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The city features numerous Lincoln memorial and historical sites, one of the most famous being the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Although there are many cities with the name Springfield, Lincoln only called this one home.

The city itself lies in the middle of the state of Illinois, at the juncture of Interstates 55 and 72. This area has seen a 5% increase in population since the year 2000, in part because housing prices in the town are a full $100,000 less than the state average. Springfield is also only a short distance from Chicago and the Great Lakes, meaning that in addition to new families moving into the city, there are a great many tourists also stopping in and passing through. Finding the best Springfield car insurance is a must.

The town of Springfield did not yet exist when Illinois joined the Union in 1818, and first settlers came from North Carolina in 1819. The city flourished over the next twenty years, finally becoming state capital in 1837 with the help of its most famous resident, newly elected to the state legislature. In 1852, the railroad came to town, and by the time Lincoln left for the oval office in 1861, the population had reached 10,000. At the conclusion of the civil war, Springfield became involved in coal mining operations, further increasing the prosperity of the city. Over twenty years, from 1868 to 1887, the Capitol building was constructed, and it held the state offices until the erection of the Centennial building in 1923. Springfield is also home to industry, one company of note being the National Cash Register Company, which produced the nation’s first mechanical registers.

With a small-town setting, many tourist attractions and the conveniences of a big city, Springfield will continue to grow, bringing in more money, more people, and more traffic. Getting the best Springfield auto insurance quotes can be trying, but luckily there’s us. A national leader in insurance services, we can help find you the best Springfield car insurance quotes for your vehicle. Log on to our website and enter your zip code, and we’ll send you all the information you need to drive safely on the streets of Springfield.

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