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Naperville Car Insurance

In 2008 and for three years running Naperville, IL was named as one of CNN Money’s “best places to live”. With its proximity to Chicago, excellent educational system and the fact that the “walkable downtown area is packed with restaurants and shops”, it’s no surprise that Naperville is popular. According to, the population is just under 150,000 and has shown an 11% increase since 2000. A large part of this influx is likely due to the fact that the city’s median annual income is head and shoulders above even other cities on the “best” list. With a strong local economy and many commuters to the Chicago area, Naperville is both a bedroom community and a burgeoning metropolis in its own right. According to the CNN article, however, this resident increase means that “congestion on the city’s major roads can slow traffic to a crawl”. Having the right Naperville car insurance coverage can make all the difference on what are rapidly becoming busy streets.

Naperville was founded by Joseph Naper along the DuPage River in 1831, according to By 1832, the area had drawn 130 settlers who built sawmills, stores and a prosperous hotel. This was due in part to the fact that Naperville lay at the crossroads of two major stagecoach routes which ran between Ottawa, Galena, and Chicago. In 1839, the town became the county seat. The town was incorporated in 1857.

The city’s growth after its incorporation was largely tied to the rail industry, as it was connected to Chicago by a short and easy rail line, allowing the Stenger Brewery and Kroehler Manufacturing Company to ship their products around the entire region. In 1870 a prominent evangelical college moved into town, and in 1871, the year of the Great Fire, the city’s nearby stone quarries flourished as Chicago was rebuilt. The city’s focus began to shift as the century changed, and in the middle of the twentieth century, high-tech companies such as AT&T and the Fermi Accelerator Laboratory were established. In 1980, the city began to revitalize its downtown, adding parks, shops and restaurants as well as making the downtown core more pedestrian-friendly.

What this means for residents is that getting world-class Naperville car insurance quotes is a must. The city shows no signs of slowing down, and while the congestion on its streets means that cars may have to, the number of accidents in the city is only on the rise. Fortunately, we can help. With years of experience in the insurance industry, we can help you get the best Naperville auto insurance quotes for your needs. Just log on to our website and with simply your zip code, we can get you the insurance you need.

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