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Chicago Car Insurance

Chicago car insurance quotes can get quite high, especially for younger drivers or anyone who’s been involved in a claim. Because Chicago’s such a large city, there are a lot of factors such as auto theft and higher accident rates that drive up premiums for motorists. However, it’s always possible to find a good insurance rate, and understanding the factors that lead to high premiums can greatly help a driver find a reasonable quote.

The aforementioned theft rates are one of the big reasons for higher Chicago auto insurance quotes. Chicago’s one of the largest cities in the country, and it’s right in the Midwest–surrounding suburbs and cities have less cars, less theft (in most cases); and lower rates as a consequence. This is because auto theft is one of the biggest costs to insurance companies, as they have to pay out the cost of the entire vehicle. Therefore, if you’ve got an expensive car and you’re paying for comprehensive coverage that includes theft, your insurance rates are going to be higher in Chicago than in other Midwest cities. Also, more cars means more traffic, which means more accidents–Chicago’s very congested (part of this congestion is on purpose; the city’s driving and parking laws are designed to encourage people to use public transportation, which we’ll address in a moment).

There are certainly quite a few ways to overcome these issues and find good coverage at a decent rate. First of all, study your driving habits. Many Chicago drivers don’t do a lot of driving, because the public transportation system mentioned earlier is one of the best in the country. If your vehicle isn’t used very often, you may be eligible for discounts on your Chicago car insurance. Contact your insurer and ask whether programs exist for low mileage drivers. If your insurance company does offer this type of program, you may be required to prove your mileage through regular checks, but it’s well worth the trouble. You should also look into an anti-theft system, and consider paying for a spot in a monitored parking garage, as this can decrease the risk of theft and lower your insurance premiums.

If you’re looking for good Chicago auto insurance quotes, simply enter your zip code in the area provided. We can help you do a bit of comparison shopping. We call both local and non-local insurers to negotiate rates. We focus on keeping your coverage at a reasonable level rather than going for the lowest quote that we can find; Chicago car insurance is expensive because claims are more likely in the city. With research and some comparison shopping, we can find a great policy for your vehicle.

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