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Honolulu Car Insurance

Honolulu is the most recognized city in Hawaii, and it’s also the most densely populated, with over 900,000 residents according to United States census data. As the state capital, Honolulu boasts a thriving tourism industry and fantastic weather. Honolulu auto insurance quotes, however, are far from paradise for many drivers. By understanding some of the factors behind the city’s high car insurance costs, drivers can find cheap insurance without sacrificing coverage.

Honolulu has some of the worst traffic congestion in the United States (second only to Los Angeles, California); and this results in a high number of auto insurance claims. Unfortunately, high numbers of claims translate to the aforementioned high Honolulu car insurance quotes, as insurers make up for the potential risks of drivers by charging higher premiums by zip code. That’s not to say that drivers are without options. By taking defensive driving courses and limiting the possibility of auto theft by installing a car alarm, many drivers in Honolulu can get discounts from their car insurance companies. Drivers in Honolulu that regularly use public transportation can also sometimes get discounts on their coverage by logging their mileage and reporting it to insurers.

Another way to limit costs is to lower coverage. Hawaiian state law requires a minimum of $20,000 worth of bodily injury liability coverage, up to $40,000 per accident. $10,000 of property damage liability coverage is also required, along with $10,000 of personal injury protection or managed care. This last requirement is somewhat unusual, as most states only require property damage and bodily injury liability; personal injury protection protects the policy holder and passengers in an accident. A driver can decrease his or her coverage to find better rates, but it’s inadvisable to drive under the bare state-required minimums, because the costs of a single accident can easily become overwhelming. This is especially true in Hawaii, as some coverages, such as protection from natural disasters, can be vital.

A better way to find low rates for Honolulu car insurance is to use comparison shopping. By collecting quotes, drivers can compare costs and coverage levels for a variety of plans, which can lead to much better premiums. Drivers can also use quotes to negotiate with insurers, leading to lower costs for existing policies. Our free online cost comparison tool allows Honolulu drivers to view several quotes almost instantly from major auto insurance companies, and requires only a few minutes of time and a driver’s zip code. It’s a great resource for Honolulu drivers, and anyone looking for a way to get lower driving costs without the risk of lower amounts of coverage.

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