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Tampa Car Insurance

Located at the meeting of Interstates 4 and 75, and on the northern edge of Tampa Bay, the city of Tampa, FL is best-described as an up-and-coming site in the state. With a population now over 300,000, according to and more than a 10% increase in population since 2000, the city shows no signs of slowing down. The city also has a lower poverty rate than the national average, coming in at just under 18%. This makes it an excellent place to both live and work.

The area in and around Tampa bay saw a Spanish explorer land on its shores in 1513, but the Spanish were far more concerned with the eastern edge of the peninsula than Tampa Bay itself. According to the city of Tampa’s official website, after Americas arrived in the area in 1824, it took the army only two months to erect Fort Brooke in order to protect the harbor. After becoming a part of the United States, the development of Tampa began to accelerate. Despite being blockaded during the civil war, the city saw a great deal of growth, with an 1884 railway expansion bringing much-needed traffic to the area. The addition of luxury hotels along this line in Tampa also helped generate interest in the area.

Tampa owes its success to water, however, rather than rail. Tampa Bay and the Hillsborough River provided access to the city for the shipping industry, and after the discovery of phosphates in the region in the late 1880s, the city enjoyed a significant boom in both mining and transportation. Currently, Tampa has the seventh largest port in the nation, and its business is now supplanted by the shrimp trade and a pleasure cruise line that operates out of the harbor. Tampa has also been shaped from its beginnings by the military. It was the primary outfitting point for all troops leaving the United States for Cuba during the Spanish-American war, and MacDill Air Force Base, headquarters of US Special Operations Command, is located in Tampa.

With a city driven by the rail, water and now paved transportation industries, Tampa sees a great many vehicles on its road at all times. Having the right Tampa car insurance for your vehicle is essential. As a trusted and reliable insurance provider, we can help get you the best Tampa car insurance quotes for your vehicle. All it takes is a quick stop by our website. We’ll ask for only your zip code, and then we can provide Tampa auto insurance quotes that are specifically tailored to your needs. In a city like Tampa, your auto insurance needs to keep pace to keep you safe.

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