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Gainesville Car Insurance

The city of Gainesville, FL is home to the University of Florida and has been the recipient of numerous accolades over the years. Some of note include a 2007 listing as #1 in the book “Cities Ranked and Rated”, which studied metropolitan areas in both the United States and Canada, and a number 22 spot on Forbes 2008 list of the smartest places in America. Combine that with a population of over 110,000 that is younger than the state average, according to, and the city has itself a recipe for success. According to the city’s official website, the area also boasts a 255 day growing season with an average temperature of 65 degrees in January. There is very little not to like about Gainesville.

This means that Gainesville is seeing more cars on its streets than ever before. Located just east of Interstate 75 and north of Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, Gainesville sees no shortage of traffic, even in the “winter” months. In fact, many residents of our northern neighbor, Canada, come to Florida to escape their own less appealing climate. For any resident of the area, making sure that they are protected by the best Gainesville car insurance out there is a must.

According to the Alachua County freenet website, the area where Gainesville lies was originally controlled by the Spanish. In 1824, the territory of Florida was annexed to the United States, and a town known as Newnansville was created. In 1845 Florida became a state, but when a proposed railroad sought to bypass Newnansville, a vote was taken and a new town, Gainesville, was born on the rail line in 1853. The civil war slowed progress in the town somewhat, as the town was used as a Confederate storehouse, but in 1869 the city was incorporated. In 1905, the University came to town, bringing with it an influx of people. This continued through the first part of the twentieth century, and the city began to become more urban, tearing down old buildings in favor of roadways or shopping malls. In the late 1970s, Gainesville residents chose to fight for the preservation of many of these sites, and were able to create a historic district around the downtown core.

Gainesville car insurance quotes are often given out by companies that don’t know the city’s history or have any idea of the area’s future. As a forward-looking and innovative national insurance company, we know how to get you the best Gainesville auto insurance quotes so that you get the coverage you need, every time. Stop by our website and let us know your zip code. We’ll get you what you need.

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