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Coral Springs Car Insurance

The city of Coral Springs, Florida, part of stunning Broward County, is conveniently located between Ft. Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines. With a relatively moderate population of just under 126,000 people, Coral Springs is quickly becoming one of the most sought after destinations for individuals seeking to make a permanent home in Florida. Crime rates, especially those related to violent crime, are lower in Coral Springs than in most other parts of Florida. Residents of Coral Springs find themselves close enough to some of Florida’s major attractions to consider them convenient yet are far enough removed to not be affected by major tourism increases during the summer months.

No matter what you reason for moving to Coral Springs, one of the first things you’ll need to do upon arrival is purchase Coral Springs car insurance. As is the rule in most states, if you have a vehicle meant for use on public roads it must be registered and insured. Each state has different rules and regulations governing the amount of car insurance you must purchase and in order to obtain a high quality Coral Springs auto insurance quote you must be familiar with those regulations. Failure to purchase the right amount of coverage may result in you losing your driving privileges in Florida.

The minimum limit of property damage liability coverage, or the coverage paying for damage you cause to someone else’s property, is $10,000. Your property damage coverage will pay for damages you cause to another person’s vehicle or for damages you cause to some other type of property, like a pole or house you hit. The minimum amount of personal injury protection (PIP); or coverage paying for your own medical bills if you are in an accident, is $10,000 as well. Florida is considered a “no fault” insurance state and, as such, you are not required to purchase bodily injury liability coverage because if you cause an accident the other party involved will be responsible for paying his own medical bills. Your personal injury protection also extends to your spouse and children if they are injured while riding in your car, in someone else’s car, or even while walking as pedestrians.

As long as your Coral Springs car insurance quotes contain both property damage liability and personal injury protection at minimum limits of $10,000 you will have satisfied Florida’s financial responsibility laws. Just remember, if you are in a serious accident, $10,000 in coverage may not be enough. Enter your zip code into our website and we’ll help you obtain great Coral Springs auto insurance quotes with a number of fair coverage options to compare and choose from. Your safety on the road is our #1 priority.

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