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Waterbury Car Insurance

Waterbury is one of the largest cities in the state of Connecticut. Over 100,000 people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds call it home. The town was once called the “Brass City” because of its history in the nation’s brass industry. Abel Porter & Co. rolled out the first brass buttons in 1802 made with copper and zinc. Today the community knows Waterbury for its technological capabilities and historic buildings. It was the birthplace of The Waterbury Clock Co in 1857. Waterbury’s most prominent landmark is The Union Station Clock Tower. Another well-known site in Waterbury includes The Ben Franklin Statue designed by sculptor Paul Wayland that made a 22-city tour from Baltimore to Boston.

Waterbury is a city of culture with museums and historic landmarks. Parks and statues as well as art and history make the town what it is. The population recorded by a 2000 census put the total at 107,037 people. 47% of the population is men and 52% are women. Estimated home values in 2008 were $173,800. Waterbury is also a city for getting a higher education with good schools and accredited colleges and universities. The town of Waterbury, Connecticut is also well known for its corner on the market in the way of insurance companies. Waterbury is known for having an abundance of insurance companies for health, life, and auto insurance.

If you are searching for Waterbury car insurance quotes, look no further. No matter what type of Waterbury car insurance is needed, we provide consumers with the best rates and policies. We work with premier insurance companies that offer the lowest insurance rates and deliver the best service. Many things factor into the rates charged by insurance companies. These factors include: age, gender, and driving record. Some companies offer discounts for students and drivers with no recent accidents or traffic tickets. These discounts reduce the amount of the insured individual’s monthly payments. Find out what the rates are where you live by simply entering your zip code on our website. We offer the best Waterbury auto insurance quotes.

We work hard to give consumers the most up to date information and provide options to suit their Waterbury car insurance needs. Some ways to save on car insurance rates are being a safe driver, taking advantage of discounts for multiple vehicles, and living in an area with lower premiums. Larger cities tend to have higher insurance rates across the board. The rates in small towns and rural areas tend to be lower. Just living in a smaller rural area could be a significant savings. Simply enter your zip code now to see what discounts you may qualify for.

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