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New Haven Car Insurance

Located just north of Long Island Sound and at the junction of Interstates 91 and 95, New Haven, CT is home to over 120,000 residents, according to Many of those are temporary residents attending school at the world-famous Yale College, which is ranked among the best educational institutions in the world. As a college town, New Haven sees a great many cars on its road, and numerous drivers who are not familiar with its streets. Finding the best New Haven car insurance is important for any resident of the area.

According to the official New Haven website, the area was originally settled in 1638 by a group of 500 Puritans led by Reverend John Davenport and the merchant Theophilus Eaton. It was first named Quinnipiac after a tribe of indigenous peoples who the Puritans pledged to protect from their warlike neighbors. In 1640 the settlement had developed a system of government and the town was renamed New Haven. By 1641, over 800 people had settled in the area.

Initially, the plan had been to build both a “Christian Utopia” and an economic empire in New Haven, but the influx of new settlers began to die off and trade shifted to the city of Boston, leaving New Haven in a precarious position. In 1846, a last desperate attempt at economic empire was conceived, and in January a “Great Shippe” filled with produce set sail in an effort to spur direct trade with England. Sadly, the ship was never heard from again. In 1701 a small Puritan college was founded in Old Saybrook. It was originally known as Collegiate School, but eighteen years after its founding was moved to New Haven and renamed Yale College after Governor Elihu Yale, who donated goods, books, and a picture of King George to the college. The city was incorporated in 1784 and enjoyed a time of prosperity. Yale graduates such as Eli Whitney went on to change the world with inventions like the cotton gin, and New Haven’s population surged upward, as did its production industry. However, after the Second World War, the development of suburban culture led to an exodus from the town. New Haven is now in a rebuilding phase, reclaiming its roots.

For drivers in the area, getting the most comprehensive New Haven car insurance quotes doesn’t require a degree from Yale, just a computer and access to our website. With years of providing insurance services to the nation behind us, we can get you the best New Haven auto insurance quotes with just a few clicks and a zip code. Come check us out and let us get you safely on the road.

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