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In 1636, 100 Puritans, led by Reverend Thomas J. Hooker, founded the city of Hartford, Conn., on the banks of the Connecticut River. The group named the city “Hartford” in reference to the town of Hertford, England – the birthplace of one of Hooker’s assistants. And, while there was already a settlement of fur traders near this new settlement, Hartford proved to be the longer lasting of the two.

And, while it proved itself a hearty city, Hartford also set its roots in government. In fact, Hartford is rumored to have put into place one of the earliest forms of a constitution in the world. This was because Reverend Hooker was adamant that men should be able to choose who governs them and what powers that person has. This passion for freedom also led to one of the city’s best known legends, that of the “charter oak.” In 1662, Hartford, Conn., won a charter document from King Charles II that allowed the state’s people a great deal of freedom and self-government. When James II took the throne a quarter of a century later, the King decided he wanted the charter back. He then sent an army to reclaim it. However, during difficult negotiations, the charter mysteriously disappeared. Legend has it that Captain Joseph Wadsworth stole and hid it in the trunk of a giant white oak nearby. While the tale has never been proven to be fact, the white oak tree remains the state tree of Connecticut to this day.

The city, now the capital of Connecticut, has grown since its founding. According to, it is now home to more than 120,000 people, with the median resident age being 29.7 years. It has also remained “the insurance city” over the years, a title it has held since the marine insurance companies began doing business with ship captains traveling along the city’s nearby rivers and Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, Hartford was the first state to offer fire, aviation and accident policies, along with auto insurance. Currently, the state boasts over 106 insurance companies.

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