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Westminster Car Insurance

Part of the greater Denver metropolitan area, the city of Westminster, CO has seen significant growth in the last 10 years. With a population just starting to edge over 100,000, according to, and a 6.1% growth in the number of residents in the area since 2000, the city is fast becoming a town on the rise. Home to Westminster University, hailed as the “Princeton of the West”, the town is no slouch when it comes to academics. 90% of the population has a high school degree, and over 30% have a recognized bachelor’s degree. Add to that an average annual income $8,000 above the state average and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why this city has become so popular. Even academics need to get to work, however, and the city is continually seeing more cars on its streets. For citizens of the area, getting the best Westminster car insurance quotes is a must. As a business that knows a great deal about Westminster, we can help.

Before 1850, the area where Westminster now stands was home to roaming herds of buffalo, according to the city’s website. It was not until 1858 and the discovery of gold in the area that settlers chose to stay rather than continuing on to California. The first permanent homestead in the area was owned by Pleasant DeSpain, and as a town grew up around him it became known as DeSpain Junction. The town developed into a farming community with crops such as grain and fruit as its main exports. Its prosperity was furthered by the arrival of the railroad in 1881. Unfortunately many of settlers had a difficult time adapting to the arid climate of the area, and in 1885 sold their land to real estate developer from Connecticut, C.J. Harris. He also obtained permission to change the town’s name to Harris. A Presbyterian university came to town in 1908, and was named the Westminster University of Colorado. When the city incorporated in 1911, it changed its name to Westminster in honor of the institution. They city became known both for its academic prowess and its large fruit orchards.

In 1967, the Denver-Boulder Turnpike, which brought over 13,000 by the city every day, was changed from a toll road to a freeway. Since that time, the growth of the city has been almost unrestrained. As a motorist in this area, having the best Westminster car insurance is a must. With a website than can get you the Westminster auto insurance quotes you need with just the numbers of your zip code, and a long history of insurance services, we’re the right company to help your car stay safe in this burgeoning metropolis.

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