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Thornton Car Insurance

Located a mere 10 miles north of downtown Denver, the city of Thornton has seen one of the sharpest upward trends in population in the entire country in recent years. Now topping 110,000 residents, according to, the city of Thornton has a seen a staggering 37% increase in population since the year 2000. This may have something to do with the higher than state average wage in Thornton and the lower than state average housing prices. It may also have to do with the fact that it features and abundance of parks, walking trails and golf courses. Whatever the magic formula, Thornton seems to have it, and the city shows no signs of sluggish growth. Thanks to is popularity and proximity to Denver, however, it does see a great deal of very quick traffic. Make sure you’re protected by getting the best Thornton car insurance out there.

Originally conceived of in 1952, Thornton was designed to be a small, 5000 home bedroom community outside of Denver. It was named for then-governor Dan Thornton, according to the city’s official history web page. In 1955, a vote was taken among the 6,000 residents for incorporation. The motion did not pass, but only 1,300 of the eligible 6,000 turned out to vote. One year later, in 1956, the motion carried and Thornton was incorporated. Thornton became the eleventh-largest city in the state.

At the time, Thornton had a population of only 8,640 and was one tiny square mile in size. In 1964, the city considered a name change, but it was voted down. The next year, the city decided to create its own City Seal and ran a contest to do so. The winning seal and the town motto – “city of planned progress” were submitted by a 17 year-old high school student. The 1970s saw infrastructure being built in the city and the last year of the decade saw the election of the city’s first female mayor. The first two years of the 1980s were a challenge for the city, with a tornado touching down in 1981 and a massive blizzard hitting the city in 1982.

Thornton is currently involved in several traffic initiatives including roadway widening and the development of a commuter train with the FastTracks program. This speaks to the need for getting the highest-caliber Thornton car insurance quotes available, as the city grows in population, improves infrastructure and deals with unpredictable weather. As a leading national insurance corporation, we have a website that can help you get the right Thornton auto insurance quotes for your vehicle. Log on, punch in your zip code, and we’ll get back to you with all of the information you need.

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