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Fort Collins Car Insurance

Located 65 miles north of Denver, Fort Collins, CO is an idyllic city nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. In 2008, this growing city was named the #2 best place to live in America by the CNN Money website. According to the website, the town features unparalleled bike trails along with a “bike library” that allows citizens to borrow a bike for free for up to a week. The school system was also rated as being of very high quality. According to the city of Fort Collins website, the population of the area in 2009 was just under 140,000, and its annual growth rate is 1.4%. Despite this, many features of the town remain affordable. For example, Fort Collins car insurance premiums were listed at $300 under the average found in other “best places” cities.

The city of Fort Collins was originally an army camp known as “Camp Collins”, according to the Poudre Libraries website. It was named after a popular commander of Ohio soldiers, Col. William Collins, in 1862 when troops were sent to the area to guard a stage coach line. On June 9, 1864 the camp was flooded by the Cache la Poudre River, and a new camp was erected on the present city’s site. When the new camp was created, it was given the name Fort Collins rather than simply Camp Collins, though no official reason for this change can be found. The Fort remained a military installation until 1866 when the soldiers were ordered out. Civilians remained behind, however, and squatted on the land until legal issues were resolved by the government in 1872.

In February of 1873, the City of Fort Collins was incorporated. Realizing the importance of agriculture as a focus for industry, the town embarked on an irrigation project which led to the complex irrigation systems now in place in the region. The city was further aided by the arrived of the railroad in 1877 and opening of Colorado Agricultural College in 1879. The college later became Colorado State University and is now one of the city’s largest employers, attended by over 17,000 students each year.

With a dry, temperate climate and access to both mountains and lakes, Fort Collins shows no signs of losing ground. For residents of the area, making sure they get the right Fort Collins auto insurance quotes is key to keeping them safe and secure on the city’s streets. Let us help with that. With years of experience in the insurance field, our website is able to provide the best Fort Collins car insurance quotes, simply by having a customer input their zip code. Stop by and see what we can do for you.

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