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Arvada Car Insurance

The history of Arvada, CO is lined with gold. Site of the first gold discovery in the state in 1850 at Ralston’s Creek, it wasn’t until much later that an actual town developed on the site, according to the city’s official website. In 1859, the Ralston Point Mining Ditch was dug, and by 1860 more than thirty land claims were filed by men seeking their fortune. Few succeeded, but many stayed in the area to start farms. It was quickly apparent that the soil in the region was suited to growing not only wheat, but fruit and a wide variety of vegetables. Fortunately, there was large nearby market for their produce, even without the benefit of a rail line. Both the city of Denver itself and the nearby mining camps were in need of fresh food. For a time, the city was actually known as the “celery capital of the world”.

The town was not known as Arvada until 1870 when Benjamin Wadsworth moved to the area and platted the location. This new town, named after Wadsworth’s wife’s brother-in-law, had only 100 people at the time of its founding. Arvada’s status as town gave it the ability to apply for a post office and also to be on the rail line, allowing for far greater market access for the goods the town was producing. In 1904, the town was incorporated as a town of 600. By 1951, and with a population of 2,300, the town was finally made a city. In an effort to preserve its heritage, the city recognized the site of its original town as Olde Towne and had it designated a National Historic Site.

Now with a population of over 105,000, according to, and a close proximity to Denver via trails, rails and the “Superhighway” of Interstate 70, Arvada manages to capture the charm of a small community while providing access to anything a big-city enthusiast could want. In addition, Arvada has access to excellent educational facilities and enjoys a very low crime rate, as per the city’s official “about Arvada” web page. All of these things make the city of Arvada a great place to live, work, or play. The Superhighway also has the added effect of greatly increasing the number of cars on the streets of the city. In this town, being sure shop around for the best Arvada car insurance quotes is essential.

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