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Arkansas Car Insurance understands how busy the lives of Arkansas residents can be. With the obligations they have to work and family, it’s no wonder they don’t have time to spend hours researching car insurance quotes over the phone. That is why has made shopping for low cost Arkansas car insurance fast and easy, online. scours the Internet for the best prices from reliable companies so you can worry about the other important issues in your daily life. Whether you are looking for an insurance quote for a vehicle you thinking of purchasing or the one you currently own, let do the legwork.

Car insurance premiums are dropping all over the country, and Arkansans are reaping the benefits more than almost every other state. From 2006 to 2007, the average insurance premiums for Arkansas residents dropped 11.1% from $2118 to $1907; that’s a savings of $201! This reduction in insurance premiums dropped Arkansas below the national average of $1896. Of course, the price each person pays for their insurance premiums varies depending on a number of factors including your credit, driving record and vehicle model.

Arkansas Minimums

Like every other state, Arkansas requires its citizens to carry a minimum amount of automotive insurance coverage for their vehicle. The minimum requirements for Arizona residents are presently 25/50/25. These numbers represent the minimum bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage that each vehicle must have in thousands of dollars.

Bodily Injury Liability– Bodily injury liability covers medical expenses to the persons in the other car. The first number represents the minimum coverage of $25,000 for each person in the other vehicle and the second number represents the minimum coverage of $50,000 for the combined expenses of all passengers in the other vehicle.
Property Damage Liability– The third number represents the minimum amount of property damage liability coverage that is required by the state of Arkansas. Property damage liability covers damage to the other person’s property, such as their vehicle, home, etc. At this time the minimum property damage liability coverage is $25,000.

While it is not required for Arkansans to carry more than the minimum coverage, it is recommended that Arkansas residents also carry Comprehensive and Collision insurance to cover damages to their vehicle if they were found to be at-fault as well as act of nature or wildlife.

Another form of car insurance that is highly recommended by the state of Arkansas is Uninsured/Underinsured motorist protection. In the event that the at-fault party driver does not carry sufficient insurance coverage, UM protection provides coverage of medical payments and repairs. Gap insurance is also recommended if an individual’s loan value is higher than the blue book value of their vehicle.

Finding low cost insurance quotes online can save you both time and money. Shopping online allows consumers to view multiple quotes from different insurance companies which will allow them to make a more informed decision. has streamlined the process of comparing online car insurance quotes to allow our customers to view quotes quickly and easily from reputable companies such as, AIG and Nationwide. To get your free Arkansas car insurance quotes just enter your Zip code on our website below and then answer a few general questions about your driving history. It’s that easy!

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