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Tempe Car Insurance

Home to Arizona State University, Tempe is a suburban area that lies just outside of the capital city Phoenix. Tempe has a current population of over 174,000 (US Census Bureau) with a median age of 29 years old. With a large student population, Tempe has an excellent public transportation system that gives students and local residents the ability to conveniently travel throughout the city without causing traffic and causing pollution. The two main types of public transportation are the Metro and the Orbit system.

Tempe is a very friendly city in terms of use of other forms of transportation besides cars. Let’s take a look at some of the environmentally friendly options. The Metro is a managed by a nonprofit organization that provides train rides starting at under two dollars per trip and also offers all days passes, weekly, and monthly unlimited passes. The ORBIT system is a mini bus that is dedicated to student riders that need to get around locally to do shopping, travel to and from campus, and to reach outside neighborhoods. Finally, bicycles are the most economic alternative mode of transportation in Tempe. Bike routes are designated throughout the city and bike riders are a common sight, but riders must be extremely careful when riding in areas of traffic.

If you do choose to drive a car in Tempe, here are some important things to know when looking for Tempe car insurance. When looking for Tempe auto insurance companies that operate in your area, simply search this site using your zip code to compare various insurance companies. If you are a college student, chances are you are under the age of twenty five. Keep in mind that your age has a huge impact on your Tempe car insurance quotes, as drivers under the age of twenty five pay significantly more than older drivers. If you have recently turned twenty five, make sure to notify your potential/current company in order to receive a discount. Once you have received reasonable Tempe auto insurance quotes and want to begin coverage with a company, remember that minimal liability insurance is required by law in Arizona. The minimal amount is $15,000 but it is highly recommended that you pay a higher amount. The reason is that cyclist-automobile accidents are fairly common in Tempe, and young high risk drivers on the road are plentiful.

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