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Gilbert Car Insurance

Known for decades as the “hay capital of the world”, the town of Gilbert, AZ has a strong agricultural base. Located just off of Interstate 10 and a stone’s throw from both Phoenix and Scottsdale, Gilbert is a town that has seen tremendous growth in the last two decades alone. Bordered by the likes of Chandler, Tempe and Mesa, Gilbert has a great deal of traffic flowing both out of it toward Phoenix for work, and back into it as the community grows. What this means for residents is that they cannot afford to be un- or under-insured on their vehicles. Up to date and thorough Gilbert car insurance is a must for any area resident. Owing to the town’s diversity and rapid population growth, there are many car insurance companies available and a myriad of Gilbert car insurance quotes to choose from.

The town of Gilbert was incorporated in 1920, according to the city’s official website. Initially, the town sprung up around a patch of land which was donated for railway expansion by William “Bobby” Gilbert in 1902, and the town was named in his honor. The town had slow growth even into the early 1970’s, having just under 2,000 residents at that time. Believing the town would eventually develop into an urban center like Mesa or Tempe, the town worked hard to change its image from that of a simple farming town to a valued suburban metropolis. These efforts were successful, and the town saw unbridled growth between 1980 and 2009, with the population ballooning from 5,000 to 200,000 in less than 30 years.

The town of Gilbert prides itself on being both forward-thinking and internationally minded, and has chosen to adopt what is known as the “sister cities” program originally begun by President Eisenhower in 1956. The leadership of Gilbert felt that by creating strong ties with similar cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa, the town would benefit both culturally and economically. In 1998, Gilbert took on its first sister city – Newtownabbey, North Ireland. Since that time, the town has also become a sister city to Leshan, China, and a “friendship city” with the village of Guabuliga, Ghana. These partnerships have given the town unprecedented access to international markets.

As a small town with a big world focus, Gilbert shows no signs of slowing down, nor does its traffic. When searching for the best Gilbert auto insurance quotes, make sure to talk to us first, before you scour the globe. We’re a leading national insurance company who can easily get you the best quotes in minutes. Just visit our website and enter your zip code – and we’ll give you the best quotes for your hard-earned money.

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