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Huntsville Car Insurance

Located in Alabama’s historic northeast, Huntsville is a city with deep roots in the past and a gaze firmly focused on the future. Originally a cotton market, the town was changed forever in 1950 when Senator John Sparkman decided to bring several German rocket scientists to the area to develop technology for the United States, according to the city’s official website. By the end of the decade these scientists, led by Werhner von Braun, had managed to both orbit a satellite and put a man in space. As a result, the US Space and Rocket center was commissioned, which also contains the world-famous US Space Camp, where children (or adults) can see what it really feels like to be an astronaut.

Huntsville is now home to over 175,000 people, and the city has seen a 7% increase in population since 2000, according to The average age of its residents is older than in most cities, sitting at 36 years. This means a city with many people who have multiple years of driving experience, mixed with a steady flow of tourists who may or may not know the local traffic laws or patterns. For residents of the city, having the best Huntsville car insurance they can is a must to make sure that their driving experience is as safe and carefree as possible.

The city of Huntsville takes its name from pioneer and frontiersman John Hunt, who settled in the area of Big Spring in 1805, according to the Marshall Space Flight Center’s history page. Other settlers came to the area quickly, and after Madison Country was created in 1808, the Federal government quickly stepped in to sell off land in the area. The first 60 acres of the city were bought by Englishman Leroy Pope, who named the town Twickenham. The name was never particularly popular, however, and after the war of 1812 was over, a special government order changed the name to Huntsville, in honor of its original settler. Huntsville saw a great deal of military production, both during the first and second world wars, which contributed greatly to its rise in population as people came to the town seeking government employment.

Today, the city is a bustling metropolis – almost 300,000 people are counted in surrounding Madison County. Despite its technological focus, finding decent online Huntsville car insurance quotes can often be quite a struggle. Fortunately, we have the means to help. As a well-known insurance provider, we have access to the best Huntsville auto insurance quotes available. Come visit us at our website, and with just your zip code, we can send you all of the information you need to make an informed choice about your Huntsville auto insurance.

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