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When searching for car insurance quotes it is important to be equipped with all necessary information so that you are able to properly compare different companies and find the lowest price possible. One critical piece of knowledge is the definition of various insurance-related words. For example, a Policyholder is the individual or group whose name is on an insurance policy. This definition is consistent across all forms of insurance such as house, car, or life.

The first point to lower car insurance quotes is to shop around. Surprisingly, prices vary greatly between companies. Set the goal of acquiring at least three price quotes by calling the company directly or inquiring through the Internet. Also, it is beneficial to ask friends and family for their suggestions in regard to insurance companies. The second recommendation is to ask the insurance company for a higher deductible which is the amount you pay before the car insurance policy is activated. As the Policyholder, you can significantly lower your monthly costs. If you choose to take this action, ensure you have enough money set aside to pay the deductible should you have a claim.

The third principle is to reduce the amount of coverage on older automobiles. Consider lowering the amount of collision or comprehensive coverage on older cars. To do this, calculate if your automobile is worth less than ten times the premium as purchasing the coverage may not be cost effective thus wasting your money. The fourth idea is to purchase homeowners and car insurance from the same company. If you are the Policyholder on both entities, you may be able to cut a deal with the insurance company for a lower rate. You also may be able to get a further reduction if more than one vehicle is insured with the same company.

The fifth key point is to inquire about group insurance which is often provided with a group plan through employers and business, professional and alumni groups. Ask your employer and other clubs or organizations to see if they have any discounts or special rates as a Policyholder.

The sixth guideline is to take advantage of low automobile mileage discounts. Many insurance companies award discounts to drivers with a lower than average number of miles per year including those who car pool to work. The final parameter is to establish and maintain a good credit record. This can significantly cut insurance costs as insurers use credit information to price car insurance policies. This means you must pay all bills on time, not acquire more credit than is necessary, and keep credit balances to a minimum. Also, check your credit report on a regular basis to ensure no errors have occurred.

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