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No Fault Insurance

With the uncertain conditions on the road, many drivers choose to have more coverage than is legally required of them. There are many reasons to purchase more car insurance than the legal minimum. In the United States, only liability insurance is required. There are many benefits to having insurance coverage that will cover both vehicles involved in an accident. No fault insurance covers a person no matter who is found at fault for a collision. One of the benefits of this is that if another driver causes an accident and does not have insurance, the individual with no fault insurance will still be covered. Another benefit is that, in severe accidents, costs can exceed what a single insurance company is willing to pay.

By adding no fault insurance to a policy, the driver is taking an extra step to protect himself on the road. Standard minimum policies offer liability coverage, which only covers the costs of the driver that is not found at fault for the accident. With a collision, one driver is found at fault and the other is not. The driver that is found at fault is responsible for any repair bills and medical bills of the other driver. The driver at fault is also responsible for his own bills. Car insurance is meant to help these people and no fault insurance is there to help people pay for these expenses no matter who is at fault.

The big benefit of having no fault insurance on a vehicle is that many drivers are on the road without the legally required minimum insurance. If a driver with no insurance causes an accident, they are still responsible for paying the bills of the other driver. However, waiting around for them to have the money to pay could leave one without a car for a while. No fault insurance will step in and take this bill in the case of a situation like this. This helps drivers recover after accidents when the person at fault does not have insurance and cannot pay.

Other uses of no fault insurance include accidents that exceed the cost that one insurance company is willing to pay, and covering the driver when they are the one that caused an accident. All car insurance companies have a maximum that they are willing to pay in case of an accident. With no fault coverage the insurance will kick in when the primary insurance won’t pay any more. This kind of car insurance also covers a driver when they cause an accident. Car insurance can also be used to fix one’s car, as well as the car of the other driver.

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