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Multi Car Discount

Many insurance companies offer discounts for adding more cars to a policy. This is a big deal for families because they can have one car insurance bill for all of their cars that would cost less than insuring each car separately. When insurance companies do this, it is called a multi-car discount.

Families tend to have more than one car and each car needs to have insurance coverage on it. Insuring each car on a separate policy could add up. Cars cost enough to insure as it is, which is why insurance companies offer these types of discounts. If you bring them more business, they give you a break on pricing. This is extremely effective for people and families with more than one car.

A big benefit of having a multi-car discount comes for couples where both people have a car. Rather than having each person have their own car insurance policy, they can be on the same policy which lowers the rate of insurance on each car. This is made even more attractive in case of an accident. The price of insuring only the car and driver that was at fault for the accident will increase. The other car will stay the same on the insurance policy. So the rates are only increased in the same way they would have been if the driver was insured separately.

Another benefit of having a multi-car discount is families that have children that are at the driving age. Some parents choose to get their kids a car when the kids get their driver’s license. If the parents are both on the same car insurance policy, then adding the next car brings the rates of all of the others down even further. Having more cars on the same policy brings the cost of each individual car down. The kids will still cost more to insure than parents because of their age, but having the multi-car discount will help.

Multi-car discount insurance can benefit anyone with more than one car to insure. Car insurance premiums go up based on a few things including accidents and tickets. Parents do not usually like paying for tickets for their children, but sometimes it does happen. At least this will only increase the insurance on the car where the child is the primary driver. Car insurance is required by law in the United States, and if you have more than one car, taking advantage of discounts like these can save a good deal of money over time. Taking advantage of a multi-car discount with your insurance company can be a very smart move. Your insurance agent can help find the right policy for you.

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