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Car insurance companies are there to help people get back to where they were before being involved in a car accident. Accidents can be minor or they can cause significant damage to the vehicles and the people in them. The number one goal of an insurance company is to provide indemnity. Indemnity is the protection from loss or financial burden as well as protection from legal responsibility for the driver’s actions.

Since accidents can involve both legal and financial complications, insurance companies are there to help drivers that are involved in them. Car insurance provides legal and financial indemnity in different ways and knowing how this is accomplished is important.

Protection against loss and financial burden is a big part of car insurance. Accidents can cause financial burdens of all sorts. A car accident can cause damage to public or private property like houses and road signs. Car accidents can also damage the cars of any driver involved in the accident. These expenses are covered by the insurance company to protect the driver from having to pay for it all themselves. Usually there is a deductible, but aside from that, car insurance will take the financial hit instead of the driver. Medical bills can be a large expense associated with car accidents.

People sometimes need to go to the hospital or even get surgeries that can cost thousands of dollars. Since the driver that caused the accident is held responsible for the expenses of the other driver, the car insurance provides indemnity by paying these bills. Medical bills are one of the largest expenses that can be associated with car accidents. The more severe accidents can cause extensive hospital bills that need to be paid for. A driver is held legally responsible for an accident as well as financially if they are found to be at fault. This leaves legal and financial burdens in the hands of the one driver that caused the collision. People can be sued for damages as well as expenses.

Having a car insurance plan provides indemnity for drivers to an extent. Insurance plans have predetermined limits on the financial responsibility the company is willing to take on behalf of a driver. These amounts can be adjusted to higher amounts if the policy holder is willing to pay for it. Since no one ever really sees an accident coming, having car insurance coverage is always a good idea. Another aspect of the legal indemnity offered by insurance is the protection from tickets. Having insurance does not eliminate all tickets, only tickets for not having insurance while driving. Car insurance protects drivers as it is designed to by providing these services for drivers.

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