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A car accident is a traumatic experience for most people and an even more unfriendly one for those who have their car insured and have to apply for an insurance claim. A car insurance claim is simply an appeal to the insurance company, asking for the payment based upon the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

A lot of insurance companies even provide damage cover for personal injuries. A claim can be made in cases when one’s car has been stolen or damaged and also for any loss of belongings kept inside the car. The amount of money one can claim is usually a finite, limited value.

Car insurance companies have taken many constructive steps to help their customers proceed forward through the insurance claim process. Many have made the process more user-friendly and approachable by simply allowing policy holders to make their insurance claim through their online web portal alongside the usual procedure of calling a toll-free number.

Irrespective of the procedure used to place an insurance claim, customers are advised to be ready with their policy number, details of the accident, such as date, location, other parties involved, and so on. These are needed almost everywhere, with a police complaint number as and when applicable, along with other personal details. Customers may further be asked to furnish extra information that may vary from company to company.

It is always a prudent option to be well conversant with one’s insurance policy, including any additional coverage the policy may cover before making an insurance claim. Customers are also advised to maintain a written account of the incident simply for better reference when they make a claim for the insurance payment.

Customers are always instructed to make an immediate complaint with a nearby police station and take contact information of nearby witnesses if possible. Customers must also take a number of photographs of the scene and the damaged vehicle, if possible, to further strengthen their claim appeal. Since almost all of the insurance companies nowadays have a 24-hour toll-free telephone service, it becomes easier for customers to inform their insurance company regarding an insurance claim incident.

It is strictly necessary to make insurance claims for legitimate reasons only, for any wrong action may lead to a punishable insurance fraud. Customers making insurance claims are recommended to maintain and furnish proper documentation for the prompt and smooth processing of their claims. In certain cases when the insurance company rejects a customer’s request for an insurance claim, customers are advised to make a thorough study of their insurance policy statement and to seek legal advice to decide their future course of action.


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