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There is something that drivers do not ever want to be involved in, but will happen to just about every driver in the country. This is being involved in a car accident. In the world of car insurance, an accident is a collision that causes a driver to make a claim with their insurance provider. Accidents occur very frequently on the streets of the United States. They range from small fender benders all the way to multi car accidents that total several vehicles. Accidents are so common that it is likely that every driver in the country will be involved in at least one throughout their lifetime. Insurance is instrumental in helping pay for the damages caused by collisions.

When a collision occurs, there are typically two or more moving vehicles involved. One of the most common kinds is a rear end collision. This happens when one driver accidentally runs into the back of another person’s car. In this type of accident, the driver that hits the back of the other car is held responsible for the damages of the other car and any injuries sustained by the other driver. This is the case with any car accident, the driver at fault is responsible for the damages to the other vehicle and any injuries sustained during the collision. This is why insurance is required by states, to help a driver pay for those damages.

More serious collisions cost more money because there are usually more medical bills and higher car repair bills. Car insurance steps in and provides money on behalf of the at fault driver to aid in the expenses. There are different levels of insurance that offer different coverage amounts and types. Minimum liability coverage is what the states require, but many insurance companies recommend having a higher level of coverage just in case a driver ends up in a situation that is more serious. Insurance in case of an accident can help or completely cover bills that add up.

Since an accident in these terms only applies to collisions that include making a claim on an insurance policy, not all collisions are considered accidents. With a collision that causes noticeable damage or a bodily injury, most drivers choose to alert their insurance company. Full coverage insurance will cover the costs of both the driver at fault and the other driver or drivers. Many people do not want to have to pay hundreds of dollars in auto repair or doctor bills after being involved in a collision. Full coverage insurance will cover these bills for the driver where liability coverage will not. Contact your insurance agent or view policies online to find the right policy for you.

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