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Zenith National Insurance

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The company has a listing on the NYSE and its wholly owned subsidiary, Zenith National Insurance operates in California and Florida primarily, as well as other states. Zenith National Insurance has been a specialist in worker’s compensation insurance, and Zenith car insurance is one of its businesses.

Car insurance is a legal requirement in most states and countries. Zenith car insurance will provide you with the cover that you desire depending on your own particular requirements. Certain insurance coverage is legally mandatory and other alternative coverage can include accidental damage, damage to windscreens, legal fees, cost of liabilities and other required coverage depending on the terms and conditions laid down in the policies. Coverage can be provided to drivers with valid licenses and for ages up to 80 years. Special coverage can be given for high value vehicles. All insurers need to have a full driver’s license and drive vehicles that are less than 20 years old.

Commercial vehicles insured with Zenith Insurance can offer comprehensive or third party coverage, which can include fire and theft for light commercial vehicles. Mileage discounts are also offered and foreign travel can also be covered at a cost.

Motorcycle insurance is also part of insurance activities of Zenith car insurance. Risks are assessed as per driving experience and vehicles with security systems qualify for discounts. Because of the higher dangers involved, a blemish free license can greatly reduce premiums in this segment.

Insurance for taxis are also part of the business of Zenith Insurance. They accept insurance liabilities for drivers who have been driving for at least 3 years and have vehicles that are less than 10 years old. Theft is also covered and policies can be taken for periods of as less as 3 months, though rates for such short term policies may be higher.

Households having more than one car can opt for multiple car insurance instead of having separate policies for each car. So, all the members of a family with valid licenses would get the necessary coverage for themselves and their vehicles under such a policy. And if you are over 50, insurance premiums can be reduced if your driving record has been event free. Again, if you are not a frequent user of a car you can opt for specialist insurance which would allow for reduced premiums. And there are times when you may require car insurance for a very temporary period. This is also possible. Younger drivers can be considered higher risks and may attract higher premiums. But comparative quotes can help to reduce this burden.

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