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White Mountains Insurance Group

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White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd. is the multi-billion parent company behind the White Mountains Re, OneBeacon, Esurance, Sirius International Insurance Corporation, Answer Financial, Symetra Financial Corp., and White Mountains Advisors brands. Through its various subsidiaries the company provides global reinsurance, personal auto insurance, investment management services, underwriting services, and commercial/personal property and casualty insurance. Beginning in Delaware in 1980, the company became Fund American Enterprises Inc. in 1991, and then transitioned to White Mountains Holdings in 1999. In 1999, White Mountains Holdings relocated to Bermuda and reestablished itself as international corporation White Mountains Insurance Group. Its current U.S. offices are in Vermont.

Best known through the award-winning Esurance commercials and the “Erin Esurance” character, White Mountains car insurance, quotes, and comparison services are available directly online, where the Esurance website advertises “accurate auto insurance quotes in 6 minutes.” Esurance provides personal auto insurance to more than 80% of the United States market, either directly or through other online agents. The website allows consumers to search for automobile insurance by location, file a claim, monitor repairs, create ID cards, and update policies online. Other types of insurance available through Esurance include motorcycle/AV, homeowners, condo, renters, health and life insurance, with information on finding Canadian insurance through regional partners. White Mountains car insurance is also available through the recently acquired insurance company Answer Financial, which insures personal vehicles, property and watercraft in all 50 states.

Employee benefits, annuities, life insurance, and retirement plans are offered through Symetra and its affiliates. Providing services for individuals, families, employers, plan sponsors and business partners, under Symetra White Mountain’s offerings include pension planning, IRA, group health benefits, stop loss coverage, and 401k management. The Symetra website delivers conveniences such as financial calculators and forms. Symetra is owned by an investor group, with White Mountains holding a major interest.

White Mountains Reinsurance Company of America and White Mountains Re Sirius cover a wide range of property, casualty, aviation, marine, accident and health insurance. White Mountains Re provides strategic multi-line reinsurance services capabilities within the United States, while Sirius serves multiple European countries. Both subsidiaries claim a conservative strategy targeted to minimize insurer risk.

Another branch of White Mountains Insurance, White Mountains Re Solutions, specializes in acquisitions with a primary focus on runoff insurance and reinsurance companies. White Mountains also offers specialty personal and commercial insurance through ownership interest in nationwide company OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd.

Overall White Mountains Insurance Group represents a significant portion of the international insurance and reinsurance market, with its strongest foothold in the United States market.

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